Sunday, 10 April 2016

Financial Affairs, Salaries & Tax Returns of The Media?

Given that, for the last 20 years at least, Education in this country is controlled by Left-Wing Press & Academics, both jointly functioning as our 3rd and most Powerful Parent, I think we can safely conclude that National Corporate Ignorance provides the perfect blank intellectual canvas upon which to paint distorted pictures which will be passed off as masterpieces of Journalistic Research. (This assumption of "Control" is based upon the known fact that Education Ministers (who are not Left-Wing) are given a rough time by Teaching Unions). Let's take, for example, the story, that for the past week or so, has been boring most of us to death; i.e. the so-called Panama Papers "Scandal". Talk about flogging a dead horse!

After decades of Free Education in the UK, does the general public know the difference between Tax Avoidance & Tax Evasion & that both are different from Tax Planning? Does the general public know that Law & Morality are not linked in our modern legal system? Morality in the UK is perceived as subjective and separate from the Law (please see below). Is it therefore proper or just to give the impression of something being "illegal" simply because it is, according to the thinking of our Third Parent, "immoral"?

Thinking (if we can call it that any more) has been turned on its head by Educators & The Media over the last two decades so much so, that, the ability to do well (without the intervention of the Doctrine of Social Engineering) & to succeed is seen as inherently immoral. Do the general public realize that redistribution only functions to impoverish everyone? Are we planning to redistribute wealth & opportunity globally so that everyone has a little bit? If the global boundary is seen as our prescribed "area of re-distribution" do Left-Wing Journalists and Academics (how they love their Champagne & Junkets!)realize that their collective wealth, jobs, income, "business lunches" are "up for grabs", after all, even the poorest among us in the UK is wealthier than the vast majority of people on Earth?

It is entirely appropriate that all members constituting the self-appointed Parent & Guardian of our Corporate Morality, i.e. The Media be required to publish all details of their lives beginning with their Financial Affairs, Salaries & Tax Returns. We see media personnel on our screens all the time, so they are public personalities and are therefore no longer entitled to any privacy. Can we please have all this information asap?

PS Those instances where conscientious parents, managing their affairs responsibly & legally, are able pass on wealth/savings/something to their children, surely represent the very best that good law combined with morality, can produce. It would require a perverse & reprobate mind to disagree with this observation.